How is the 'Free' plan different from other plans?

ll users are eligible for the 'Free' plan which offers essential services including 5G traffic, You have the option to upgrade to 'Basic', 'Pro', or 'Business' which unlocks more website performance and security enhancement features.

Do I need to sign contracts with each CDN providers? 

No, you do not need to sign anything for all CDNs activated via mlytics. You can also bring the CDN you're already using to the platform for traffic management.

How is the pricing calculated for the 'Basic CDN'? 

All traffic generated via 'Basic CDN' (AWS cloufront, Alibaba Global, Cloudflare are calculated in one pool.

Can I cancel my subscription whenever I want ?

By default subscriptions from Pay-as-you-go to Bundled-Package(Basic, Business, Pro) are charged immediately and auto-renewed every month. You can upgrade your site from the platform and cancel at any time; Subscriptions from Bundled-Package(Basic, Business, Pro) to Pay-as-you-go are charged at the end of billing cycle and auto-renewed every month.